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Margot Robbie's bizarre beauty routine consists of cold spoons and placenta

Thursday, July 03, 2014  /   20 Comments

For a brand-new Vogue initial brief film in celebration her June cover, Margot Robbie recreated the unnerving opening scene of the film American Psycho, where protagonist Patrick Bateman goes through a precise early morning beauty routine best facial studio city .

Her voice adorned with an America accent tells over the clip as she waltzes towards her refrigerator in her spotless, 5-bedroom house.

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Take a Glimpse into the World of Women's Beauty Rituals

Saturday, April 19, 2014  /  Sora Templates  /  7 Comments


 Throughout the day, we all have particular routines that we go through to prepare ourselves to face the world. Whether it’s a fortunate bra or a favorite pair of shoes, these subtle choices originate from an exceptionally personal location.

It is this procedure of preparing that is the focus of London-based artist Sarah Tanat Jones brand-new series Rituals. I truly take pleasure in preparing to head out, she tells The Creators Project. For lots of women I think this is a long time in the day on their own, to go through a reassuring routine, to be re-familiarized with the body.

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Woman's beauty spot picture causes huge authorities look for dead body

Thursday , June 08, 2016 /

She had indicated to take a few pictures of the lovely scenery and wild animals the Lake District needs to provide. But Sarah Gallagher said she was left feeling like a little bit of a moron after one image that appeared to reveal a dead body sparked a 2 day authorities search and rescue operation.

The 45-year-old had actually taken the photo while strolling in the Tarn How’s location near Coniston. But it was just when she got home and took a closer evaluation that she observed what appeared to be an arm protruding of the water.